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Kristi & Daves Dec vacacation Part 2

By: KristinMN (View Profile)
Date: 1/1/2012

Day 2, Sunday:

What a beautiful morning! View from our deck:


We have breakfast at the buffet at PA. Dave has the made to order omelet - that was the only time he ordered that the whole trip, so Im thinking it wasnt the best. I just had a mixture of things. Service was excellent there, my waiter saw me heading back with my plate and took it upon himself to take my plate and lead me to our table while pushing in my chair and unfolding my napkin and the whole works. The grapefruit juice is very good. ...I find my favorite breakfast at the buffet later on.

We head to the beach around 9am...I would love to get a front row palapa and sure enough I did. The only thing I didnt like about PA was was just that I like to be right next to the water so I could float and still be able to talk to Dave while he was on his chair under an umbrella. It was a little walk from the palapas to the ocean and I only swam to cool off as I was by myself. We did make friends while there and I was able to have conversations in the ocean with some people from Kansas City. They were a fun bunch and the Chiefs beat the Packers that afternoon so everyone was happy.

This is the view down the beach:


Weve never had the ribs at Tinos, so today was the day. We could smell them before we turned the corner to his place. We ordered 1/2 kilo with all the trimmings for 90 pesos (more than enough for two) and carried it back to our room. The cuboards were empty, but we had plastic forks from Tinos and used the plastic bags for plates. The flavor was delicious but, the ribs were too fatty for us...maybe just a bad section of pork? Off to the beach again and we load up our cooler with Sols and cut up limes. The kitchen was pretty bare, so we used our knife and the paper coasters for a cutting board. The resort will fill our cooler with ice for free, and we give them a tip.

We also had a good view of the sunset from our deck:


I think we had a siesta before supper, which is a good thing... Later on that night, we have margaritas at Miguels with a side of guacamole and some conversation. I think we had more than just one 2x1 margaritas because the night gets fuzzy. Later on, for supper - I recognize Pablo (who use to work the beach bar at Ixchel condos years ago) working at the Argentine Grill, so we eat there. I have the garlic shrimp (140p) and Dave has the snapper along with more Sols. I think mine was delicious and I think Dave likes his too. (I remember that there was a kitty that was sitting next to me giving me the "Im starving" look. I would give it some of the shrimp left in the tail and the kitty loved remembered me the next day too, lol.) We met some French gentlemen sitting next to us at dinner and they shared their wine with us. Im not a wine drinker but, I thought it was very good. I only remember a little bit, they were trying to teach us a toast and I wanted to get a video of this, I think? Anyway, I woke up the next morning to find this video that I dont remember taking... I dont remember the walk home though. :p

nite be continued

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