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Vacation Journal
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Date: 7/13/2012

DAY 5 -- Wednesday, May 16

Did not sleep well. The rooster next door has his nights and days confused. He cockadoodle dooed every hour from 1:00 a.m. on. Before I leave I will either throw him out to sea or turn him upside down and whack his butt so he gets his nights and days straightened out! LOL

Up at 5:30 a.m. and had breakfast and got our "stuff" together for a fun day. We arrived a half hour early at Puerto Juarez and to our joy Entertainment Plus was waiting for us. Off to Xcaret. It took a little over an hour to get to Xcaret and our driver got our admission tickets and told us where to stand for pick up at 9:30 tonight.

We signed up for the Sea Trek Adventure and after wandering around we finally found the lockers for the Xcaret Plus people. We quickly changed into our bathing suits, locked up our possessions and went in search of the Sea Trek area. We stopped along the way at the botanical gardens, mushroom farm and orchid house -- not by choice, we were lost!! There just isn't enough signage. We did eventually find the Sea Trek area and we were early so we watched another group descend to the bottom of the ocean floor. Do I really want to do this? I am petrified of the water unless my two feet are firmly planted and going under water freaks me out. But I was determined I was doing this. Even my family was amazed that I wanted to do this. And I did it!! What an amazing experience to walk on the ocean floor totally submerged in water with all sorts and sizes of fish swimming all around you!! Note my feet were firmly planted and there was no water in my face. LOL. I was in heaven. That was an experience I will never forget and would do again. The cost of admission to Xcaret and the cost of the Sea Trek tour was worth every penny for that walk on the ocean floor.

After our Sea Trek adventure we decided to do the underground river journey since we were already wet. We find our way back eventually (signage problem again), get life vests and the smallest fins they had. Even the attendant laughed when he saw how small our feet were. We find the river entrance no problem and float through a maze of caves and tunnels. You don't even have to use your fins -- just float. The water was cool and refreshing and the floating was relaxing. After the river, we decide it's time to eat. After lunch we meandered around (meaning we got lost again -- signage problem). Found the scenic tower to get a bird's eye view of the park only to have it closed just as we got there. Bummer! A storm came in with wind and rain but it didn't last long. We waited it out in a very pretty church. We didn't want to venture far because we were in the area of the theater for the night show and we didn't want to get lost again so we went to get our pictures from our Sea Trek tour and went back and waited at the theater. The night show was excellent and just as good as the last two times we saw it -- different show but just as good. After the show we went to the greeting point for Entertainment Plus and our driver was waiting for us. Off we go to the ferry. We made it to the ferry in an hour. Milton (our driver) either had a very heavy foot or he took pity on two tired old ladies who looked beat. We arrived back to the house around 11:00 and we were pooped!

It was an extremely long day and even though we walked our butts off, we enjoyed ourselves and will do it again.

DAY 6 -- Thursday May 17

Woke at 8:30 and Sis was up 15minutes later. Never heard the rooster as I was so tired. We had OJ and coffee/tea out on the deck and watched the clouds go by. Finally we got our act together around 11:00, gathered our gear and went to Barlito's for lunch. We shared a One-eyed Cajun panini (pulled pork with bbq sauce and 3 cheeses). Wow!! That was delicious. We chatted with Tiffany and then headed to Playa Norte. We stopped at the first set of trees to the east of Tarzan and spent the afternoon there -- reading and floating on our rafts. Headed back to the house around 4:30. Hung out on the back patio, did some laundry and got ready for dinner. Dinner tonight was at Valesquez -- one of our favorite places. We decided to try something different than our normal grilled shrimp in garlic sauce which is outstanding. We both got the grilled fish without the heads which made the waiter laugh. Since the fish were small we each got two fish which comes with rice, beans, french fries and salad. The meal was delicious. Of course, we had a margarita with the meal -- another buzz. Grandma and grandpa greeted us warmly when we entered and thanked us for coming when we left. I do love the people on this island. They are so friendly and do appreciate your business. Earlier today we ran into Victor from the Cuban restaurant on Hildago (which is now Qubano). We told him we missed his mango margaritas and he told us he opened a restaurant down from La Lomita's called Casa Havana. We will have to give it a try. We know his mango margaritas will be good.

Back to the house and hung on the deck for a short while.

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