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Christmas Day 2011

By: jade (View Profile)
Date: 2/5/2012

Christmas 2011
It was a beautiful sunrise as we were leaving the Charlotte airport on Christmas morning. We easily made it thru all the check points. There were no crowds. The flight was great but the best part was that we made it to Cancun 30 minutes early. My husband said it was because we were drafting Santa Claus. My husband had just collected our luggage as I returned from the bathroom. Best Day did their part to get us to the ferry. We had some Asian tourists along for the ride and they sounded very excited. We were dropped off 1st at the ferry and the Asians continued on to their Cancun vacation. Of course we just missed the ferry. It seems we always do. I am so glad that it runs every 30 minutes. While I was buying the ferry tickets, my husband had already made friends with a family from NJ. First timers! Tina and Al along with their 2 teenagers were really excited. There were lots of passengers. Everyone was so happy. We sat on the top of the ferry. I told my husband to get used to the goofy smile I had on my face as I would have it all week. I thanked him again and again for this trip. We really just needed to escape a lot of stress at home and Isla was the cure.

It was only 10:30 and we normally go straight to Mocambos and eat. We decided to grab a cab first this time and unload the luggage. We were staying at Hotel Cabanas Maria del Mar. The room was not ready so they locked up our luggage. We walked back to the ferry docks to eat. Ah, it felt great just strolling the streets!
The Mocambos staff recognized us and we had our pick of any table. It was so early. We had the Mayan fish. (We have found that sometimes we order it and they bring us ceviche instead - which we also like.) We specified the HOT Mayan fish cooked in the banana leaf.

I got a strong frozen Margarita. Everything was excellent. We sat and marveled at being there on Christmas day and how lucky we were.
Next we walked into town and crossed over to the Carribean side. We stopped to enjoy the lovely view and tried to decompress after a busy morning and a hectic month. We decided to see if our hotel room was ready.

Yes it was! I discovered it was on the 3rd floor. I triple checked with my husband to see if he was okay with all those stairs. We were so happy that we took the 3rd floor. We enjoyed the view. We stayed in the tower section. The rooms are a lot like Villa Kiin, which is one of their sister properties. Our room was cramped with 2 double beds. Only one of us could walk by at a time. I can’t imagine 4 people trying to walk around in our room.) The rooms with one bed are nicer. The rooms have refrigerators. We are not picky and we enjoyed the hotel.
Please refer to Trip Advisor before booking rooms. It saddens us when we read the guest books at Isla hotels that there are unhappy guests. They usually complain about the free breakfast (basic coffee, juice and toast) and service. If they would read Trip Advisor, people would know what to expect. I have found the staff friendly but I always keep in mind that the service in the States seems friendlier because of the culture. The staff of Isla hotels is more introverted and they are very structured with their sometimes weird rules. Another complaint visitors have was that there are no free beach chairs. Well, once you understand the dynamics of the beach visitors, it is not hard to understand why there is a charge. (Well for me it isn’t hard!)
The grounds are beautiful and the rooms are clean. The beach is feet away and it is pretty quiet. There is a restaurant with Wi-Fi and a bar. No complaints from us! By the way, the aroma of flowers fills the air at night as you walk thru them. Oh, and you can usually get a decent rate here.
We headed to the beach. Christmas day on the beach with beautiful weather and ocean colors to boggle the mind!

We had to go to Miquel’s Moonlite. It was wonderful to see him again. He told us about a Pirate Party fund raiser for Glorietta English school. He was so busy. Miguel called his wife and son to come in to help the customers. The Sex or Tips band was playing their usual assortment of American music. A large group was on the sidewalk area with us. We were pretty zoned out. My husband had pomegranate juice and I had the pom margarita. Just what the doctor ordered. I only had one as I might dive the next day. I had a thin steak (forgot its name) and the hubby had the fish tacos. Everything was good but the tacos were a little salty. It was a long day and we walked back to our hotel catching tidbits of the song Silent Night.

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