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Vacation Journal
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DAY 13 & 14 -- JOAN & LORRAINE

Date: 7/13/2012

DAY 13 -- Thursday, May 24

I slept late today (7:45) and sis was up an hour earlier. Yesterday her Kindle froze and I thought maybe it just needed recharging. No it still wasn't working. Jimbo came to the rescue and googled how to reset it. Voila -- Kindle is working and Sis is happy. All is good.

It is another beautiful day for the beach. So after OJ, coffee/tea and cereal we headed to the beach at Jax. Rented chairs today as we needed to do more shopping for the grandkids. Had lunch at Jax -- nachos deluxe -- the best we've had on the island. Stayed at the beach until 4:30 then went shopping along Medina. Got T-shirts and headed back to the house. Read for a while then went to dinner at Casa Havana. A few days ago we saw Victor from the old Cuba Libre Restaurant and chatted with him for a while. He told us he opened a new restaurant called Casa Havana. It is a few doors south of La Lomita. As soon as we sat down Victor, without even asking what we wanted to drink, started making our favorite -- Mango Margaritas. They are just as good as the ones he made when he was on Hildago. I had the pork steak in Cuban sauce and Sis had the cuban sandwich Victor Style. Both were excellent but way too much food. Victor did a great job decorating his restaurant. If you enter from the street there is a small room with just two or three tables. Continue walking through that room, past the kitchen and bar area and the next room has about six tables and the best part is the sliding door that opens onto the malecon and the sea beyond. What a view!! Victor only opened two weeks ago and he hopes to be open all day in the future. We wish Victor luck and hope his restaurant takes off and is successful.

DAY 14 -- May 25

We woke just as the sun cleared the horizon. Sat on the deck in silence knowing we were going home tomorrow. We breathed in the salt air and soaked up the early morning sun while watching the waves crash one after another.

Since it was our last beach day, we didn't linger after a breakfast of OJ, coffee/tea and cereal. We were out of the house before 9:00. We stopped at Barlito's and put in a to go order for tomorrow -- the Blume panine and the one-eyed cajun panini. We also bought one of Brad's famous cinnamon rolls.

By the time we reached our spot under the trees by Tarzan we were drenched from the sun. We set up our chairs and headed for the water -- so refreshing. After we cooled off, we devoured the cinnamon roll. OMG!! I kept licking my fingers looking for more of that wonderful taste. Maybe tomorrow when I pick up our sandwiches for the plane, I'll get two more -- sharing was not fun!!

We read, floated on our rafts and read some more. For lunch we went to a new little restaurant on the side street across from Ixchel I called Restaurant Abuelos. We got an order of guacamole and a shrimp ceviche to go. Wow, the food was amazing!! The guacamole was outstanding and the shrimp ceviche was fabulous. The restaurant looks new and I hope they are successful as our lunch was fantastic.

Came back to the house around 5:00 and packed what we could -- not happy about it at all!!

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