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Sat Dec 31 last day of the year

By: jade (View Profile)
Date: 2/5/2012

Oh my, how to spend it. We ate breakfast at Ballyho’s. It was just ok. I wished we had chosen Manana’s. After we ordered, I walked to the lavenderia. No sense in taking dirty clothes home from Isla.
We had to get a pic with a man wearing a shirt with our last name!

After breakfast, I talked my husband into an adventure. He was having difficulty with the sun, so a break from the beach would be perfect. I wanted to see the island again. Trust me, he doesn’t like the golf cart tour. One reason is the price and the other is that he doesn’t want to give up his beach time. I suggested we check out the new grocery.

We waited for the public transportation. It seemed like we waited for 15 minutes. After we got on, the bus filled up on the next couple of stops. It arrived at the store quickly.
Wow, the store seemed to have everything. The most popular section was on the right. It was a glorified deli. There was a long line waiting for service for the items that are purchased by weight. (I can’t remember the items but they were varied and there was a lot to choose from.) The bread section was fantastic. There were about 20 different varieties of hot dogs! We are standing there gaping and a buggy hits my husband. Oh no.
Oh – its Fredy! He is always so funny! We talked to him a bit. There were a lot of workers there. I wanted to see what items I did not need to bring to Isla. After we scoped the place, we sat outside to wait for the bus. It felt like another 15 minutes. But it was fun. We rode all around the Colonias. I saw some streets that I had never seen. It took us back in town. And guess what? It had been exactly 2 hours since I dropped off the laundry and it was ready.
We enjoyed the ocean. My husband made friends with some children in the water. They were afraid of sharks. I walked into town to get some more of Fredy’s chicken enchiladas for lunch. I saw my 2 scuba friends from Friday. They were getting a golf cart from Hotel Cabanas del Mar.
We were planning on a late night so a late lunch was perfect. (Especially from Fredy’s.) We were beginning to have that nagging feeling that that time the next day, we would be on our way to our home in the States. Its on the last day, that we stay out on the beach until the sun goes down. We can’t tear ourselves away. No, we cannot give up one moment left on the beach. Stretch it out – make it last - the bitter sweetness of it all. We were there in paradise but just knowing that it’s almost over tainted those last hours. I have found that the best way to leave Isla is to have my next trip booked. It helps take the sting out of leaving.

We walked to Miguel’s to start the evening. There was magic in the air.

Compadres’ sea bass was delightful enough to repeat tonight. No lime or garlic please! We invited Gregorio to join us. He had an engagement at Casa Serina so he ate quickly. Wow, sometime I would like to stay there to enjoy the rooftop views and events. I would like to stay at Posada del Mar and have Rominy at my finger tips and Carey Divers. What am I saying? We don’t spend much time in our room anyway! We just need to be at the beach!
You can’t go wrong anywhere you stay as long as you research your criteria on Trip Advisor. That way you will already know what to expect.

Back to Miguel’s to bring in the New Year on Eastern Std time. It was a party. At 11:30 we headed to el Centro to join everyone in the festivities. The announcer talked and it was interpreted in English. 2012 arrived! The fireworks went off. It was amazing. And yes there was a water truck handy just in case any embers fell onto a flammable area (like a palapa roof!) We met 2 Canadian dive masters who were vacationing there and living the life. The music was THUMP THUMP THUMPING. My husband became hoarse trying to talk over the music. We returned to Miquel’s. We finally gave in and left at 2:30 – after all we were flying home – in a few hours!
I had to make one more stop, I wanted to check out the new bar at Na’balam. Did I mention that Yul Brenner was to be working there? No? Well, I didn’t see him but it was a cool bar. There were sunken pools with neon lights around them. There were seating areas above the pools and some intimate ones around the pools. A bar and dance floor were right next to the beach, on the left just before the Avalon bridge. It was really nice – but I have to wonder if they can attract customers to it. (Maybe from the Avalon?) I also have to worry if it is going to affect my sleep while at Villa Kiin in the spring. Time will tell.
I hardly remember lying down. But I remember waking up.

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