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Monday Dec 26

By: jade (View Profile)
Date: 2/5/2012

I just became Scuba certified one earlier week at home. (Which included a trip to Florida Springs.) We decided that I better get a dive in unless the rest of the week’s weather didn’t cooperate. (I had checked the weather for weeks – and it never looked good- FYI it was a gorgeous week with some clouds and it only rained once before sunrise!)

We sat at a sidewalk table at Bistro Francais for breakfast. I had the banana crepes and the husband had eggs and bacon. Maximillon works there now (he used to be at Don Chepos and would joke that Maximilion worked at Chepos!)
Capt. Tony (who does great snorkeling tours to Contoy) rode up on his bike. He didn’t have to ride far as his house is almost across the street! Capt. Tony is a great guy and a great friend. We talked to him and he also mentioned the Pirate Party for Tuesday. It seemed like a lot of fun.
Capt. Tony recommended Carey Dive shop which is on the same street just before the corner going to the docks. (Matamoros)
I went to inquire at the dive shop and they were going at 9. I had to hurry back to the room and grab all my stuff. My first dive was with Rudolfo and 4 men divers. We went north of Isla. I was a little apprehensive as I had 1) never had a dive in salt water 2) had only had shallow dives 3) had only dives with my class and instructors back home. And I was new and didn’t know anyone! Okay so maybe I was really nervous.
It seemed like we rode a long way out to sea and then it was time to go in. I had a great time. We saw a ray swim by and a school of at least 100 barracudas swim right past us. I could not help but wonder if anything was chasing them. I did not see any coral. There were places to swim through. I swam over these places as I was still learning to achieve neutral bouyancy. I was doing ok. When the dive master gave me the hand signal to stop, I was wondering why and suddenly – ploop – up to the surface I went. I tried to get back down unsuccessfully. I really don’t know what happened. My equipment is new, thick and very buoyant. Also, the tank becomes more buoyant as the air is used. New divers require more weight until they become more comfortable underwater. The dive master came up and gave me more weights from his belt. He literally had to lay on me to get me down. After that he held my hand to make sure I didn’t leave him.
We were going on another dive a short distance away. I am glad I decided to sit it out. I was exhausted. Maybe I should have waited one more day after my arrival before diving. The banana crepe felt like it was coming up too. I do have some problems with digestion. Everyone said take sea sickness meds next time – but I don’t think that was the issue. I rested while the others had their 2nd dive then took off all my gear. I was wondering if I even liked diving. Rudolfo was great and very patient. It was very hard carrying all my wet stuff back to the hotel.
My husband saw me as I neared Cabanas del Mar and grabbed my bag. He couldn’t believe how heavy it was now that it was water logged.
We took everything to the room and rinsed it off. I was starved. Now that I wasn’t carrying anything, I felt light as a feather. I told my esposo I could walk anywhere. We decided on the Loncheros. We ate at the 2nd one. He had the fish verde and I had the nachos. It did not come with guacamole, so I ordered some. Someone ran to the market to buy an avocado. The guacamole was not very good even after the long wait. We headed to the beach where I totally crashed. Every time I lifted my head, it felt like an oversized bowling ball. I could not hold it up.

Eventually, I recovered enough to get ready to go eat. Fredy’s! We love him and his family! His chicken enchiladas are to die for! We headed for Miguel’s and saw Gregorio playing near Rolandi’s as usual. We love Gregorio. Later, he met us at Miguel’s. He had been sick for a couple of days and was just getting over a throat problem. The Sex or Tips band was playing again. Jose was working. I had a few drinks. We decided to buy tickets for the Pirate party at Asia Caribe and then it was off to bed early as usual.

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