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Vacation Journal
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Date: 7/13/2012

DAY 3 -- Monday, May 14

Up shortly after sunrise. Had coffee/tea and OJ and watched the ocean for an hour or so. Then we cut up our fruit purchases from yesterday and enjoyed cereal on the deck while watching the waves. That is so relaxing!!! Off to Centro to meet with someone who is showing us a property for next year's visit. Then back to the house where we decided we would stay put. floated in the pool for a while, read and lunched on conchinita pibil and fruit. Yummy!! We do love conchinita pibil. Read some more and took a nap. Got dressed and off to dinner at Miguel's where we were warmly welcomed with a kiss. We each had a margarita or should I say 2 -- 2 for 1 (a damned good buzz). We shared some guacamole and each ordered the enchiladas suizas. OMG!! We had always gotten enchilada suizas at Chile Locos and thought they were good. Miguel's were out of this world!! They were so good we wanted to lick the plate clean but we refrained -- but it was tempting. We have only been here three days and have not had a bad meal yet and I can't say any one meal was better than the other, except Miguel's guacamole was better than Justicia Social. Everyone goes to Miguel's to party but no one mentions how good his food is. We eat at Miguel's every time we come (I have been to Isla 12 times) and we are never disappointed with his food.

Strolled down Hildago for a bit and stopped for ice cream at the place with the ice cream cone out front. I had coffee and coconut; Sis had chocolate and coconut. The ice cream was as good as I remembered it. Went back to the house and watched TV for a short time before the bed called out to us again.

DAY 4 -- Tuesday, May 15

Woke at 7:00 (late for me -- Sis had been up since 5:30) to find it had rained really hard during the night and that our cigarettes which we left out on the deck were soaked even through the case and there were dead bugs everywhere. I turned the pool on to get them out of the pool and tried to sweep them off the patio. It doesn't look like a beach day but we were fooled yesterday, so we will wait it out. I decided to go to Ronco's for limes and OJ. There was a street vendor selling food items but nothing looked familiar. A woman who was purchasing several items started telling me in Spanish what he was selling. My Spanish is limited to Hola, Gracias, la quinta por favor, etc. so I was clueless. She opened her bags and I recognized tamales even though I have never eaten a tamale. I bought 2 tamales and proceeded to Ronco. Did I mention that it was raining? Since we hadn't had breakfast we decided to eat the tamales since they were still warm. We will never eat tamales again. They were not our cup of tea at all. I think it was a texture thing.

Since it was raining again we decided to stay put for the day and it rained on and off all day. For dinner we had conchinita pibil and fruit -- no booze; no buzz. Since we are going to Xcaret tomorrow we need to get to bed early as we are meeting Entertainment Plus at 8:30 at the ferry for a long fun filled day -- rain or no rain.

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